French Plates

We keep the whole range of French plates, not just the metal oblongs. We send many plates to France due to our massive range and flexibility, below are some examples of other French plates we make.

TVR French Plate

TVR number plates are made using a special material on the back of the plate which is translucent yellow reflective.  This allows the boot lights to shine through, eliminating the need for external number plate lights.  These plates are manufactured in a similar way to traditional acrylic plates, however, the reflective material used on the back is very different in as much as it is approximately about three times thicker than traditional reflective, and has a sticky back.  Therefore, when you are ready to fit the plate, just peel of the backing, and stick it straight onto the car. The plate absorbs TVR French Platethe light from behind and lights up the whole plate at night. We make these using the Standard French Font, and using the F (French) Euro Badge.

Plat français de permis de TVR

USA French Plates

American sized acrylic number plates 300x150mm (12x6"). These are made to comply with French Law, We make these using the Standard French Font, and using the F (French) Euro Badge.

French Motorbike Plates

Again using the same traditional methods of making an acrylic UK bike plate, however using the French font, and using the French Euro Badge

Shaped Rear Plated

We keep a fantastic selection of shaped rear plates


Over the years we have taken numerous calls from people wanting a number plate to fit in the housing of the car. For years Rover 75's and Jaguar X and S types had their own unique shaped number plate. Have you ever wanted one for your car? Lots of people do, but many plate makers will not entertain anything unusual. why? to much effort? takes too long? or simply cant be bothered. Well not here!. We at Craigsplates go out of our way to cut your plate to suit the car, it may take 15 working days to turn around, and we may even ask for a template, but you can guarantee the results will be worth it!

At present, we stock special shaped plates on the shelf for:

Rover 75's - Will also fit some Ford Focus and MGs (Smiley Plate)

Daihatsu Copen - Reg over 2 lines (Big grin)

Mazda Eunos - square but exact measurements!

Jaguar X Type - May not fit newer models please check first

Jaguar S Type - May not fit newer models please check first

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin Vanquish

PT Cruiser (2000-2005 Model)   <--- Click for Picture

Lexus IS250 & 220D (Nov 05 Onwards)    <--- Click for Picture