How a French Number Plate is made

How a French Number Plate is made

Here is a picture of "Tessie", our newest investment.  She is a 25 ton press and is already being put though the paces!  She is capable of pressing American, German and French number plates. Weighing in at nearly 350kg, she is too heavy to be moved. I had hoped to be able to take this machine with me to trade shows I attend, but it took five people and an engine hoist to lift it onto the bench.  So, putting her in the trailer for shows is totally out of the question! The wall behind the machine shows USED American licence plates (I did not make these).  They are there so I can match fonts and styles as closely as possible to each State, when making American Number Plates

Blank French Number Plate

This picture shows a blank white virgin French Number Plate ready to be embossed in "Tessie".  These plates are standard Euro size (520mm x 112mm). They are single layer aluminium, coated with white reflective and printed with the French Euro symbol on the left hand side (F banded). 

French number plate ready to be pressed

This picture shows the French plates pressed with the French Font.  It is in the press for approximately five seconds. As you can see both plates used in France are white for the font and yellow for the rear of the car.

French Plate hot foiled

The plate is then run through the ceramic hot wheel which applies the heat of the roller to the foil, this in turn paints the plate at just over 185 degrees, and makes the painted surface both durable and weather proof. It also adds the paint to the outside rim, giving a fantastic  finish to the plate.

French Plates Complete

The finished plates. What a great set of plates for any Renault, Citroen or Peugeot. Authentic pressed French Plates, just what the doctor ordered! We also give you a free set of French stickers which you can fit to the front of the plates.

French Classic Plate
We can also make French "Classique" Number Plates. Single Layer black aliminuim with the letters painted (foiled) in silver or white.